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Sunday, February 14, 2010 @ 02:02 PM
Author: admin

I have been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to write for Import Service and Motor Magazine. Initially, all of my articles focused on waveforms, lab scopes and electronics.

The folks at Motor magazine were kind enough to indulge my desire to write about learning.


Understanding Waveforms - Import Service, Oct 95


Jorge classifies waveforms according to the function (Support, Sensor, Logic, Action) they perform in the automotive system and describes their basic shapes

I had this idea to develop naming conventions for waveforms. For example: Repetitive analog with unique ID – Magnetic Crank Sensor with TDC!



Learning to Learn - Motor Magazine, Jan 96


  D eveloping a solid learning approach can become the most powerful tool in your diagnostic arsenal.

My first article on the learning to learn subject. Introduces "the flow of information", "right thing first" principle, "system and circuit information".



Mastering Complex Wiring Diagrams - Motor Magazine, July 97


  Complicated wiring schematics offer a wealth of information but can be awfully difficult to decipher. Dividing them into smaller, more manageable bits can make your job go a heck of a lot smoother. Here’s how to go about it.

Introduction to wiring diagram Color-Coding.



The Path to Diagnostic Enlightenment - Motor Magazine, May 2005


  If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there. When it comes to automotive troubleshooting, the right road is the shortest path.

This is an exercise in reverse engineering: We know what it is suppose to do. How does it do it? This article also illustrates the value of a logic table vs. a diagram.



 Get Ahead By Putting It In Reverse – Motor Magazine, November 07


  Preparing our brains for the ongoing rush of technology starts with self-awareness

Introduces "taking inventory", "thinking through the box", "thinking in process", and what I call the nucleus of learning: Relationships, Patterns and Processes.



Wiring Diagram Color-Coding: More than meets the Eye - Dec. 2008 issue of Motor Magazine

Motor Magazine - Cover Dec. 08

  One of your earliest childhood memories may be a remonstration to "color inside the lines." Coloring on the lines is a simple tool that can be used to increase your understanding of even the most complicated electrical circuits.

An update to '97 article on wiring diagram color-coding. My goal was to show how to Color-Code and the related dynamics that make it such a powerful tool.


For a full list of published articles: www.aeswave.com/articles



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